Reindeer Kisses

NUTMEG: Shy, gentle, patient, loving and beautiful.

 Reindeer Kisses was written from the perspective of the Snowman's prized reindeer, Klaus and Nutmeg. Nutmeg narrates the story with the illustrations in the book being taken from real life photos of Tracy, Scott, Klaus and Nutmeg.

In the spring of 2015 Nutmeg was pregnant with her first calf. The Snowman's were elated about the arrival of their first baby reindeer to be born on their farm.  But in March tragedy struck. Nutmeg and Klaus contracted Lyme Disease and despite doing everything they could to save them including round the clock care at the University of Illinois Large Animal Hospital, Klaus and Nutmeg passed away (along with their unborn baby girl "Snowflake") in mid March. The loss was devastating for the Snowman's. They nearly decided to give up. With the help of their grown children and Scott's parents, the couple pulled together enough resources and courage to continue the legacy started by Klaus and Nutmeg. That legacy is one of beauty, playfulness, love and a heart filled with Christmas spirit. Snowman's Reindeer Farm will always be dedicated to Klaus and Nutmeg. Reindeer Kisses will forever be a tribute to these two charming little reindeer that changed their world forever.

KLAUS: Silly, frisky, playful, loving and fun.