Reindeer Kisses

Scott and Tracy Snowman are high school sweethearts who have had a lifelong passion for art and education. They live in rural Canton, IL where they own and operate Snowman's Reindeer Farm as well as Snowman Studios - Both divisions of Snowman Studios Inc. They are both full-time professors at Spoon River College in Canton, IL. They have two grown children and one grandchild.

The idea of owning reindeer first transpired in 2011 when they were illustrating 'Twas a Night Before a Green Christmas and had trouble finding good resource material to draw reindeer. Scott thought it would be fun to do something unusual with their property since they had plenty of room for livestock. After researching reindeer and discovering how unique and rare they are, the couple got on waiting lists and began preparation for their new venture. Santa delivered their first two reindeer in September of 2015.  The couple quickly realized that being reindeer farmers was the best way to bring all of their favorite things together.

The couple's undergraduate background is in K-12 Art Education. Tracy and Scott achieved their first Master's Degrees in Children's Literature and Illustration from Sangamon State University (now University of Illinois) in Springfield, IL in 1989. They later earned second Master's Degrees from Western Illinois University in Instructional Technology.

Tracy & Scott Snowman

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Tracy & Scott Snowman:

"Everything we love is tied together in a perfect way: kids, teaching, animals, art and CHRISTMAS!"

Scott Snowman